Ein einsam verschneites Haus
und über ihm die Sterne --
es geht meine Sehnsucht so gerne
noch heute drin ein und aus.

Das Feuer in seinem Herde
war Licht meiner Kinderzeit,
und die Erde war meine Erde,
von meinen Vätern geweiht.

Nun lebe ich in fremden Gauen,
ein heimloser Vagant,
und werde sie nie wieder schauen,
das Haus, den Herd und das Land.

Durch des Hauses leere Fenster
heult der nordische Wind,
und Schatten und Gespenster
seine Gesellen sind.

Nur meine Gedanken und Träume
im erloschenen Herde glühn
und schmücken die alten Räume
mit frischem Tannengrün.

Doch alles ist ferne, ferne.
Nur meine Sehnsucht geht gerne
noch heute drin ein und aus.
Ein einsam verschneites Haus --
und über ihm die Sterne...

„Heimat“ von Manfred Kyber


Title ELLA
Genre Short film, Fashion film
Look Black and white
Length 16 minutes
Language German
Subtitles English
Period of shoot 13.—17.02.2019

Ella, a 19-year-old young woman, is in a crisis of meaning. She lives in a big house in the middle of a deserted world where she can sort out her thoughts. She often feels insecure, overwhelmed and watched. One day Jano, a friend, unexpectedly waits for her in front of the house. He can persuade the skeptical Ella to take him as the first guest ever, into her house. The next day Ella can no longer find Jano in the house and is alone again.

One day when Ella walks around the house alone, she notices an unusual sound. She is shocked to find that her little sister, Amy, has entered the house illegally. She is wearing a little necklace that softly reflects the light. Ella rejects Amy. After a brief argument, Ella returns to Amy's closeness and tells her about the changing values in her life and why Amy therefore has to leave.

Once Ella wanders through the house alone, she finds a room with a stage. On this stage, she begins to deal with her changing body. Suddenly she is surprised by Jano, who had watched her at this intimate moment. The two come closer. But Jano discovers Amy, who had watched the two. Ella claims not to know Amy. Ashamed of Amy's appearance, a wild chase ensues between the two sisters.

Ella pulls Amy down in a fight. She tears the necklace from Amy's neck. A shock. Amy desperately tries to escape with the necklace. Ella, who does not know how to handle the gun, shoots Amy in this moment. Absolute silence. She leaves the room.

Ella tries to cope with her emotional chaos - she dances intently, cries and gazes into the silence for hours. Later the day, Ella decides to return to the crime scene of the manslaughter, as she does not let go of what happened. When Ella opens the door to the room, it is empty. She begins to realize that the manslaughter did not happen.

She rushes to the front door. Once there, she must realize that it is locked. Jano appears and tells her that he wants to stay in the house with her forever. Ella refuses angrily. Unexpectedly the door is unlocked from the outside and Ella's mother appears to rescue her daughter. Jano disappears. In front of the house, the mother lovingly presents her daughter the little necklace that Amy had worn earlier. Ella confidently takes the necklace. After that, the paths of the two separate. Ella rides freed on a bicycle through the deserted landscapes.



ELLA is the main part of my master of arts degree. Since I started the masters course in spring 2017 I knew I wanted tell something about the fascinating, fiery and emotional time of youth. It was for sure that this idea would not turn out into a colourful film about the happy adventures and feel good aspects about youth but into the elegiac and melancholic story of a young lost woman. It is a poetic dark film about a woman who is confronted with the transformation of her body, first love, farewell and her „inner child“.

With ELLA I have the chance to fulfill a vision and also to tell something very personal. As I am a 26 years old woman I find myself on the swell to adulthood. The film mirrors emotions and perceptions of youth which meant or even still mean something to me.

Eversince I decided to study film I knew I will focus on the visual storytelling. That is why I am shooting ELLA.



The main location of the film will be the old 15th century castle „Schloss Senden“ in Senden near Münster. As this beautiful building is still under construction it is the perfect location for ELLA as it is nearly empty inside and surrounded by countryside and old trees.


Shooting time 13.02.-17.02.2019
Photographer: Karina Rogaczewski


Ella - Lea Taake
Mutter - Hergard Engert
Amy - Karlotta Spancken
Jano - Joshua Hupfauer



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